26th Field Regiment RCA/XII Manitoba Dragoons Museum

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Housed on the main floor of the historical Brandon Armoury, this museum exhibits a variety of military and civilian artifacts, memorabilia, library and archives. Home of the XII Manitoba Dragoons and 26 Field Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery Regimental Histories, This Museum records, conserves and protects the history of the servicemen and women and the military units of South West Manitoba. The Museum annually awards a trophy to the Cadets of Brandon and Virden for historical knowledge of those unit. The Collection of Dr. William Hurd of Brandon University is housed in this museum. On display in this museum is the Susan Armstrong, the founding director-general of the Missing Children’s Network OC and QGJM which have been loaned to the Museum. Also displayed is the Jack Bennett Collection a former Royal Artillery Gunner who was a POW in WWII, the collection is an extraordinary selection of unit badges. The Museum provides help to the public with research and provides information to families on service from the Boar War to the Afghanistan War. The library has several thousand volumes of books on many a diverse subject. The museum is an excellent source of information and should be visited.

  • TOWN/CITY: Brandon
  • LOCATION: 11th St. & Victoria Ave
  • HOURS: Year round on every Tuesday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Tours other days by request.
  • PHONE: 204-717-4579
  • EMAIL: 26fdregCurator@wcgwave.ca
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