The best time to enjoy the fast waters on the rivers in the Westman region is in the spring, but canoeing and kayaking on the many lakes in Southwest Manitoba can be enjoyed at anytime from spring until freeze-up in winter.

Before going out canoeing or kayaking, one should always let someone else know where they’re going and how long they’ll be gone.  Always carry flotation devices (worn), and a map and compass for extended trips.  Proper care should also be taken when canoeing on frigid spring waters. Note: Vehicle park passes are required in Provincial or National parks.

Assiniboine River

Travel to Spruce Woods Provincial Park; 200 kms West of Winnipeg and just East of Brandon and Carberry.  A 125 km, 3-5 day journey awaits you, starting at PR 340 and ending at Hwy 34.

Also in Spruce Woods, from the Stockton Ferry, ride downstream into the Park.  What you’ll find is a twisting and winding river bed past sandy cliffs.  Boat rentals are available in Spruce Woods Provincial Park.

Souris River

More fun is to be had with a weekend adventure of 58 kms lasting 2-3 days depending on the experience of the travelers.  Start on the bridge on PR 348 and end at the Confluence with the Assiniboine River.

Oskar Lake Loop (Turtle Mountain Provincial Park)

A perfect day trip with no need to move a vehicle, this 19 km loop both starts and ends at the Oskar Lake RD for a scenic paddle through the wilderness.

(Information Courtesy of Travel Manitoba)